The Dundalk Dance Association is 100% volunteer run. The dedication of its members is immeasurable and they deserve a very hearty THANK YOU for donating their time and skills to make the Dundalk Dance Festival possible!

Dundalk Dance Associations Members: Paul Redmond, Belinda Zeggil, Ruth Timbers, Mary Fowler, Jenni Jackson, Doris Broster, Janet Thompson, Jessica Fraser, Sarah Acheson, Kayla Acheson, Lori Hill & Clark Acheson

We would also like to extend a special thank you to our community partners that help the Dundalk Dance Association make the Dundalk Dance Festival a success:

A special thank you to:

  • Paul Beatty
  • Dundalk Agricultural Society
  • Township of Southgate
  • The Thompson's
  • Ryley Coll
  • Corryn Jackson
  • Robin Goyette
  • The Dundalk Legion
  • Jordan Acheson
  • Ruth and Ed Scott
  • Joan Voluntold Fowler
  • Joe Timber's Answering Service
  • and especially ALL VOLUNTEERS!

If you are interested in helping with the Dundalk Dance Association in any way, we would love to hear from you!

Student volunteers can obtain community service hours by volunteering festival weekend or at our monthly jamborees. Contact us to arrange tasks and a time that works.

Please help us to continue to offer exposure, business and pride to Dundalk and its surrounding area by helping with this worthwhile event.